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Halifax Oral Hygiene

We believe in the importance of comprehensive oral health

At Spring Garden Dentistry, our hygienists are committed to caring for our patients oral health. Our patients tell us they like the thoroughness of their hygiene visit and the in-depth examination of both the hygienist and DDS.

A definite connection exists between our oral health and general health and our hygiene team's goal is to maximize our patients oral health. Periodontal disease is a chronic bacterial infection that negatively affects the gingival tissues or "gums" and supporting bone. Untreated, periodontal disease can result in bad breath, bleeding gums, and early loss of teeth. There is also research showing a link between periodontal diseases and other inflammatory conditions such as Cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and Alzheimers.

We develop a thorough treatment plan for each patient to help them maintain healthy teeth and gums.

Thorough Cleaning

The average patient with average home hygiene habits should have a professional cleaning every 6 months. Hawever, some patients are more susceptible to plaque accumulation or predisposed to periodontal disease and significantly benefit from more frequent cleaning every 3 or 4 months. Our hygienists and dentist will determine this. This regularity preserves bone and promotes gingival health.


Our hygienists are very good at educating our patients about the proper techniques for flossing and brushing, to give the the patient the knowledge they need to maintain their oral health at home.

Soft Tissue Examinations

During your routine dental hygiene visit, the dentist and hygienist will perform a visual soft tissue examination looking for any abnormalities and potential oral cancer sites. [FOM (floor of mouth), SP (soft palate), and LT (lateral tongue)]

Head and Neck Exams

Our hygienists and dentists may also perform a routine head and neck exam in an effort to identify any abnormal lumps or bumps.


Coming in on a regular basis (every 3-6 months) for hygiene visits allows our hygienists and dentists to closely monitor our patients' dental, periodontal and overall oral health.

Our team is committed to improving and maintiaing oral halth. The regularity of cleanings keeps both levels healthy, allowing teeth to remain stable over a lifetime.

Contact Spring Garden Dentistry today for more information on our approach to comprehensive dental health.

Get the Most out of Your Smile

At Spring Garden Dentistry, we strive to provide professional service in a friendly and comfortable environment. We strongly believe in complete oral care, focusing on preventative and restorative dentistry.

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