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Halifax Dental Implants

A complete smile is a healthy smile

Many people are reluctant to smile due to a missing tooth or several missing teeth, The best solution for tooth replacement is a dental implant.

Following the premature loss of one or several teeth, the teeth adjacent to the space; or the teeth opposing the space may move or drift into the newly opened space. Over time the movement of teeth can change the bite and in significant situations, the facial appearance. A dental implant can address both aesthetic, functional issues associated with missing teeth.

A dental implant involves the placement of a titanium fixture or "root" into the bone, and attaching the replacement tooth or teeth to this implant fixture. This option is superior to a bridge because the adjacent teeth aren't compromised as they are in a FPD. Implants can also be used to stabilize old or ill fitting dentures.

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Get the Most out of Your Smile

At Spring Garden Dentistry, we strive to provide professional service in a friendly and comfortable environment. We strongly believe in complete oral care, focusing on preventative and restorative dentistry.

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