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Halifax Dentures

Rebuilding your smile

Tooth loss can happen for a variety of reasons and can contribute to low self-confidence. Here at Spring Garden Dentistry, we want to help rebuild your smile and your confidence. With the latest technologies and the most professional staff, we will create custom fit dentures that will improve your appearance, your health and your self-esteem.

We offer full or partial dentures. Partial dentures are also known as bridges and replace a few teeth in a row. Full dentures usually involve removing any remaining teeth, allowing the mouth to heal and then building you a brand new set of teeth that will fit comfortably to your own gum line.

We understand that realistic dentures are necessary to improve your self-esteem so we use only the latest technologies when building our dentures.

If you are curious to learn more about dentures, or would like a consultation, call us today.

Get the Most out of Your Smile

At Spring Garden Dentistry, we strive to provide professional service in a friendly and comfortable environment. We strongly believe in complete oral care, focusing on preventative and restorative dentistry.

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