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Meet Our Dental Hygienists

The dental hygienists at Spring Garden Dentistry are committed to providing their patients with a high standard of dental care. They assist their patients in achieving and maintaining optimal dental health, contributing to optimal general health. Our hygienists are dedicated to continuing education, providing them with current knowledge and techniques which creates a comprehensive hygiene experience for our patients. There are several members of our hygiene team that currently teach at Dalhousie. In addition to professionally cleaning teeth and maintaining gingival health, our hygienists also regularly conduct soft tissue exams looking for any abnormalities.

Meet Our Dental Assistants

Our dental assistants work chairside with our dentists and are integral in preparing the necessary instruments and materials for a variety of dental procedures, preparing patients for these procedures, ensuring they are comfortable and answering any questions the patients may have. They are also responsible for the proper and professional sterilization of all instruments and equipment, many in office laboratory procedures such as pouring of impressions to create stone dental models, whitening trays, mouthguards, and retainers.

Meet Our Office Staff

Our office staff are responsible for scheduling appointments, submitting estimates to insurance companies to determine the coverage patients have for certain procedures, interpreting these insurance policies, processing insurance claims, and can setup payment plans in certain situations. Our office staff are also happy to answer any general questions about treatment and can setup the appropriate referrals to dental specialists if necessary. Please don't hesitate to call them at anytime and if you have any general inquiries.

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